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Amy Louise is a multi-talented artist who offers different products such as henna tattooing, wood burning pieces, art mentorship and many other eco friendly products. You can see more of her beautiful work and products on her website or facebook page.
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Dallas Lenton

Whether you're looking for tattoo designs, cover art or a logo, Dallas can do it all. He studied character design, classical animation, story boards and life drawing at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Drawing has been a Dailyhabit of his since the age of six and we want to help him pursue his dreams as an artist. 
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Dallas has some amazing work out in the world already, from tattoo drawings on his friends to a published book containing his art. Here's some of the phenomenal work Dallas has done in the past. 


Serene Yoshiko

Serene is an artist based out of the Okanagan, who does beautiful physical and digital art. Check out her Facebook and Instagram pages, make sure you follow and show some love!
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